Provisional Progress is here!


Provisional Progress :smiley:

We’ve been working on it for a couple months now, and we’re excited to say that Provisional Progress has arrived! What is Provisional Progress, you ask? It’s a setting you can turn on (it’s off by default) that lets any member of your troop enter “provisional” achievement data. It’s “provisional” because a leader with the ** Edit Achievement Records Privilege (EARP)** must confirm the data for it to show up in places like the shopping cart or the user’s profile.

Hopefully this makes things easier on our awesome leaders by letting parents & youth enter their own data. :slight_smile:

Turn it on

Go to Manage > Settings > Edit Troop Settings and choose the “TroopTrack Settings” tab to turn on Provisional Progress.

Submitting awards (Without the EARP)

Once that’s turned on, people without the EARP will have a “Record Individual Progress” option under Achieve.

You might want to notice that users with the EARP also have a “Record Individual Progress” option under achieve. There are a couple differences to the page depending on if you have the EARP or not.

With the EARP you can edit any achievement for anyone in your Access Level. Without the EARP you can only edit incomplete achievements, and for those you can’t change completion dates.

Also, once someone enters an achievement as provisionally/conditionally complete, no one else can edit it–either a user with the EARP can approve or reject it, or the original user can change or remove it.

Frodo doesn’t have the EARP, so he can’t edit his completed ranks:

Frodo can’t change completion dates, since he doesn’t have the EARP, but he can record new completion dates:

Reviewing awards (With the EARP)

Leaders with the EARP can review pending completion data by going to Achieve > Approve Completions, or by following the link that shows up on the Dashboard.

On the approving page you can filter by who earned the award or who marked it as complete, and you can sort and search the table for more specific info. You can even view the history of approved awards!

Awards will only show up on the shopping list (and other such places) once someone with the EARP approves them. :white_check_mark: :shopping_cart:

Other stuff

We’ve also released some bugfixes:

  • For BSA, we were showing raw HTML in the “Board of Review Worksheets”. That’s been fixed.
  • Trying to go to the new troop form while already logged in was breaking. Not anymore.

An earlier version of this post incorrectly said you needed the Manage Awards Privilege (MAP) to approve awards. This has been corrected to the Edit Achievement Records Privilege (EARP). :ear:

Achievement Approval
Request for Feedback

Yay! This is what we’ve been eagerly anticipating. I went right in and took away the “Edit Achievement Records” privilege from all the parents! Badge requirements are much “safer” now!

HOWEVER it “broke” the Add Service Hours button and we really need all parents to have access to that button for anyone in their household! As far as I can tell, the Add Service Hours button shows up for anyone that the User has Access to if either the User has Edit Achievement Records privilege or the User has Manage Events privilege and it shows up only for the User if the User has Manage own outside participation privilege.

Obviously, I don’t want to give EAR privilege back to parents, but I also don’t want to give them all Manage Events privilege to give them back the Add Service Hours button for their girls, since that also lets them edit or delete ANY EVENT on our calendar!

If only the Manage own outside participation privilege allowed the user to manage outside participation for anyone they have access to, e.g. household, unit, self.

So, now I’m not sure what I should do… Give badge privileges back to parents, or trust them with events management. Or go back to paper logs for outside service hours. : (


Give all girls an account. You can use mom’s (or dad’s…) email multiple times and mom could make every password the same is she wanted for ease. The usernames would still be different and that’s what matters. Mom would log into each account to record each girl’s service hours. Minor inconvenience to switch but it helps them know that they are only in x girl’s account and enter only her hours. Older girls who are allowed (by parent) could go online and enter their own.