Public Calendar View - Event Locations Optional

Hi- in the name of Scout safety, it would be nice to have the option to “not show” the meeting locations when the calendar is shared on the public web site. The public web site calendar (and agenda) view is nice because parents can quickly see what events are coming up, and it gives prospective Scouts and parents an overview of Pack/Troop activities. But the fact that meeting locations can be seen by anyone who has the web link (or via Google searches) is a bit disconcerting. I can think of several reasons why you wouldn’t want to directly tell folks exactly where and when a group of young boys is going to be meeting, so it would be nice to at least have the option to disable the meeting location when sharing the calendar on the public site.


I just realized the same issue. We’re turning the public calendar off as a result.

I would like to see the public calendar limited to events that should be public. Not entirely certain how to indicate that but perhaps pack events and not events with a limited number of invitees.

The last reply was two years ago so I’d like to echo this both for safety and security.