FIXED: Events showing up under Money Accounts?

Hi @dave,

When I go to Manage > Money > Accounts, I now see specific events listed along with the families’ money accounts:

I am sure this is very helpful to someone else, but not for us. Is there a setting I can change somewhere that will turn off this feature? And can I safely click on Action > Delete to remove those accounts, without messing up the event in the calendar?


We had a bug that was creating a money account for each new event in a meeting schedule. If there are no transactions in the accounts, you can safely delete them.

The bug that caused this problem has been fixed.

Awesome! Thank you so much!

I’ve also had this problem… but even recent events are still generating money accounts and I really don’t want them to be there. Could you tell me how to turn this off? We only use money accounts for individual girls. Thank you!

Hi @AngieReck,

It looks like you have the money settings already turned off. I went into your account, created an event, and then went into the money accounts and an event wasn’t created for the new event.

So you should be good to go.


David Keener