Record Bulk Progress for Custom Awards

I’m not sure if this is something related to the previous bug I reported about no Custom Awards for Trail Life units (thanks BTW for fixing that) but I am not able to do a bulk achievement for any custom award I create. Having to update individual boys sounds exhausting.

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Thanks Joshua. I’ve added it to our to-do list. It may be a while though - it’s a long list. The issue number is #1450.

So then it’s just a TL issue and isn’t affecting units across the board?

I’m not sure yet, but if it is affecting everyone it will bump the priority some.

I still have access to the old BSA pack I was a member of and I can confirm that the ability to “bulk promote” custom awards is an option for them. So this appears to be functionality that only TLUSA units are missing.

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I have a related issue. I can create custom awards thanks for the help at the convention. However I am only able to add it to Trailmen in the Woodlands Trail program. Not the Navigators or Adventurers.

I’ve moved this over to Trail Life Advancement since it applies only to TLUSA.