Record Progress (Bulk) for Ida Scudder Level Award

When trying to record progress (bulk), there is no Ida Scudder listed under Level Awards. This one should be the “2020” version to replace the Lewis and Clark Level Award for Explorers

It is showing up for our troop. Did you check its active status for your troop (hexagon shape in topmost menu bar > Manage Active Achievements)?

While you are on that page, consider searching for “Explorer - Lewis and Clark Award” as well and unchecking it. The girls who have begun or completed Lewis and Clark will still have it visible but it will not continue to show up in your lists.

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Thank you so much!! This is going to streamline things so much. I didn’t know we could narrow down the options to only the ones we wanted to see. I’m sure someone in the troop new this, but those of us entering the badgework didn’t. Thanks again!