Recording Attendance

I have five youth in my den with siblings in other dens. It seems that each parent can only be attached to one den primarily. It seems like they don’t have an issue with calendar updates or e-mails, but I do have an issue while recording attendance after the event. I only have the option to select the youth & not their parents if mine is not listed as their primary den.

Another hiccup & recognized today: I created summer events for my den in the spring. After the youth were graduated in the system in June, it took the event away from my den families & attached the youth from the den below us. Could we get a fix so that any calendar events that are den specific move up with them?

Hi @MandaDawn_03,

Please see this page on placing a user in multiple dens/patrols.

What event are you seeing that happen with? When you moved Dens did you use the “promote” feature to move users to their new Den? This ensures that any past information stays with them.


David Keener