"Registered Member" on member details

What exactly is this field for? I haven’t found an explanation for it anywhere.
Is it for “registered in BSA”? “Registered in TT”? WHAT???

Whatever you want. You can choose to use it or not. I don’t believe it does anything other than help you keep track of who is registered.

Interesting. I wonder if we get enough clients to agree to eliminate it?

A lot of people use it and it has been around longer than me, so I don’t think so. But maybe.

Yes this is definitely useful for my troop. This helps us keep track of when girls renew their membership, same with leaders and parents. I don’t think eliminating this would be helpful.

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We use it track which adults are registered with our Troop or BSA. I check it for our Scouts too, but it really doesn’t mean much with Youth since we would deactivate if the don’t recharter. So I would like to keep it.