TroopTrack Email Using Reply

If I send an email through TroopTrack and then need to send a reply to all for an update of some sort, is there a way to do that in TroopTrack? I was unable to find a reply option for the email in TroopTrack and had to create a new email selecting users individually again.

Hi @AmyByers,

Right now, TroopTrack doesn’t receive emails so there’s nothing to reply to. If you want to send a second, follow up email through TroopTrack, you may. You may also choose to handle this outside of TroopTrack with your personal email. If you select the option “Send replies to all recipients” when a user replies, it will go to everyone who received the message. Note: unless you are on one of those lists as a recipient, you will not be included in follow up emails unless the users select “Reply All.” That will include the recipient list and the original sender.

Thank you.