RSVP Comments & Notes needs DATE SUBMITTED, Please

I need to see the DATE that a comment has been submitted. I see where I can “hide” it, but I want to know what date the member posted it. How do I do that?


Hi @juliecrouse,

Are you talking about RSVP comments? If so, we do not offer a method of telling the date that comment was added.

Thanks for asking!


Yes, that is what I want. Can you please add it to the list for developer review?



If enough people in the community want it, we can certainly consider it.


How do I make that happen?

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If you know other TroopTrack users who would find this feature useful, you could encourage them to post their support on this thread. Mostly it’s just a waiting game.


…seems like a good idea to me…

Yes, it definitely makes sense, particularly when you have people who claim to have “let you know at least a month ago…” But more than that, it is just helpful in all manner of situations.