Scouts able to keep notes, pictures,videos against advancement requirements

It would be great if Scouts could upload and save files, or save text in the notes section against an advancement requirement, either Rank or Merit Badge. Then they can refer to those notes when they are demonstrating their skill, or when showing what they had accomplished.

The is a section for files in each profile. They can upload stuff there.

Hi @JBurns,

Scouts can add notes to any achievement if they have the “Edit Achievement Records” privilege.

@areel is correct, if your scouts have the “Manage user files” privilege, they can add attachments to their profiles under the “Files” tab.

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Does this privilege give them access to all files or only their own?

Depends on access level. Scouts typically have “Self” access meaning they can only see and access their own info.

Awesome. Thanks. I just needed to confirm my understanding.