Eliminate 3MB limit on Medical Form uploads

Since there appears to be no limit (at least none I can find) when uploading files to a user’s record, or to the Shared Albums… can the 3MB limit on Medical Form uploads be eliminated?

See here for more details: User Medical Form



I would read this article on digitizing medical records.

As a practice for our Troop - we do not upload digital versions of the medical forms.

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Thank you, Matthew – I took it one step farther and went to the source, as far as I can tell: http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HealthandSafety/Resources/MedicalFormFAQs.aspx

The comments on this scouting.org thread are priceless and reveal all the pressures we endure.

However, Matthew, I respectively suggest that you start your own thread for this topic - and request that the feature to upload the medical health documents be removed in the Ideas category.

For my part, I understand the differences between should not, shall not, do not, etc., but my point with this thread was to request that this 3MB limit be removed, since there are no limits on the other file-uploads in the system.

Hi @njmike,
At this time we will not be removing the 3MB limit from medical forms. We might remove it in the future, but for now we are not investing in the medical form feature at all.

We implemented the medical form storage feature years ago and we have fretted about it ever since. We periodically discuss removing it from the product for new customers and only leaving it accessible for legacy customers. So far we haven’t pulled the trigger on that, but we may do it one day.

So… you’re probably wondering why that feature stresses us out, and the answer is simple: As @MatthewPodraza mentioned, BSA (and other organizations we support) discourage the storing of medical forms online and we support that stance. Medical information is a special class of information, like credit card information (which we don’t store) that gets extra attention from hackers, lawyers, and governments, and we’d prefer to stay away from all of those people as much as possible.

Best wishes,


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I’m in IT, I’m a Systems Administrator – I get it. Thank you for the thoughtful response.

If I was allowed to vote, based on the BSA’s stance, I would simply disable it. It seemed like a great feature, and now it’s a saddening that we can’t fully use it. Disappear the feature, I say.

Thanks again.

You’re welcome. Thanks for your enthusiastic participation in the TroopTrack community. It isn’t always easy for us when customers aren’t pleased with everything we do, but it is very gratifying when customers help us see the product through their eyes.


I am 100% for not storing the actual forms, however I would say leave the dates available for entry by parents…that will help as a reminder when the Forms need to be renewed annually…


Yes - leave the dates. Our Medform Chairperson uses them now.

I would like to have a med form date - bulk update mechanism. Maybe if it was an item we could track like Training?

My suggestion - add a tab. Medical. Have Part A, B, C completion dates be trackable, edited, expiring, and updated the same way a Training item is done.Don’t document the records - just the dates of completion so they expire after 1 year.

I would go even one more farther to have a items be listed for “Allergy Alert” or “Food Allergy” so the report summary could be better tracked. Keep them generic so to comply with privacy laws but still be warning indicators / reminders for the Adult leadership.

Food Allergy Warning
Religious Food Restriction
Epi Pen

Hey Dave and company,

I understand your concern about medical forms storage with regard to privacy. However if you have any concern about the possible liabilities, I STRONGLY recommend you disable this feature ASAP. Any delay is opening yourself and your users up to possible legal problems each and every day.

Another reason for my suggestion is that my scenario. My TLUSA Troop is also fussing with the management of medical forms. When we saw that TroopTrack has the storage and tracking feature available for BSA, we immediately said “why not for TLUSA?”. I was in the midst of writing just that request when I found these TT Community comments! So to avoid the “bad rap”, ie negative comments, it would be wise for TT to eliminate the med-forms storage ability throughout the product. And again ASAP.

Thanks for your efforts to make TT a great product for all us volunteers.