Line Spacing in e-mails

In the Communicate/Send an E-mail, I have not been able to adjust line spacing. This creates some odd looking communications out to our troop. Is there any way to adjust line spacing inside the TroopTrack e-mail communication?

If you would like I can forward you a copy of the e-blast so you can see the formatting challenge.

Please do forward it to me so I can have a look.

Thank you for sending that. Can you tell me more about what you would like to do? Do you just want the bullets to be closer together?

Hi Matt,
Yes, it would be nice to be able to control the line spacing better. Our
e-mail is already too long!

There is some auto formatting when you use the bullets feature. When I did a test email with it, it was far more condensed than the one you sent me. Are you creating an extra space between bullets? Cutting that out may help. If you are using a personal email account and its creating those, I’m not sure how much I will be able to do. I know we’ve been planning to get rid of the current editor for a while, but we haven’t found a suitable replacement yet.

OK, thanks for looking into it for me.
(We are using the TroopTrack e-mail editor, but are pasting in from a MS
Word or other document, typically.