Service History: Fundraising vs. Community Service

TroopTrack Community,

I emailed the following to TroopTrack. TroopTrack’s David Keener thought it was a good idea and asked if I would post it here on the community page for comments. If this idea receives a favorable response, then changes to the service history log would be considered in an upcoming product update.

Hello TroopTrack,
I was reviewing your Board of Review Worksheet and noticed that it has a record of each scout’s Service History. However, the total number of hours includes both Community Service Hours and Fundraising Hours. As a Troop we do not credit scouts with Service Hours for their fundraising efforts. In general, we do not feel it is ethical to award community service when earning money is involved. Community service should be a volunteer effort. With that said; is it possible to segregate the fundraising hours and the community service hours? It would be more beneficial and less confusing if the committee members could see these hours separated when performing a Board of Review.
Yours in Scouting, Tom Sharp
Troop62, ScoutMaster

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Is there a reason to track Fundraising hours if you don’t consider them Service hours? If they serve no purpose then why track them at all?

If service/fundraising benefits the troop it should not be counted towards service hours. I’m not sure why fundraising hours is even an option when it will most likely benefit the troop and/or the girl.