Sign-up Sheet

Our pack has sign-up sheets in TroopTrack that were built by a previous Cubmaster. When we re-use the templates for our current year, the email assignment comes from the previous Cubmaster. Is there a way to change the owner of the sign-up sheet without having to rebuild the entire volunteer sheet?

HI @EricSearls,

I’d love to further assist you with this issue, however; I’m not understanding what you mean by “the email assignment comes from the previous cub master”. Are you saying the email has to be sent out from the previous cub master?

Let me know if you’re still having this issue. I apologize for the long delay in responding to you, but I’d still like to help.

David Keener


I think what @EricSearls is saying is when they select “Send emails today” on an existing Sign Up Sheet, that the previous Cubmaster created, after updating the Sheet with new information, the e-mail that is sent out to Unit members shows that the previous Cubmaster sent it and has his e-mail as the reply to rather than whoever updated the sheet and sent it again.

Eric, has anyone checked the Settings, Edit Pack Settings, TroopTrack Settings, Basic Email Settings, Reply to, if that is set to the previous Cubmaster and that is where Sign-up Sheet reply to address is pulled from then that could be it.

David, is that where the reply to address for Sign up sheets come from, if not that would make way more sense rather than who created the Sign-up Sheet.

Hi @AaronStorey, and @EricSearls,

So for sign up sheets the “reply to value” on the email is whoever created it by default. So in order to not have an old cub masters email on the sign up sheet you would just have to create a new sign up sheet, or volunteer sheet.

The reply to value in settings is for newsletters on TroopTrack.

David Keener