Sign Up sheets close after event?

First asked if this was a bug: After a sign up is complete (5/23/16), you are still able to sign up for items. Shouldn’t this be closed after the prescribed date?

Being told it is not. Just not designed to stop allowing digning up after an event is over. Seems crazy to me.
Assignments have to be completely deleted to close them apparently. This gives you nothing to look back on for “next time”.

And of course with everything else: " If enough people want it, our developers may consider adding it as a feature."


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I tested what you are describing in my own account and this isn’t a bug. It just wasn’t designed to prevent further sign up after the date.

If you would like the sign up sheets to behave the way you described, please change the category from “Bugs” to “Ideas” and we will get some feedback from the Community. If enough people want it, our developers may consider adding it as a feature.

Thanks and have a great day!

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Yes!!! We have things that we set firm dates on. Sometimes a family wants to try and come just by signing up for things on the list after we’ve closed it. Being able to close the sign up sheets would be very helpful!

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I would beg, but I would rather bribe.

This is an issue that just came up for us. I use sign ups for Election ballot nominations. Scouts have a deadline to nominate themselves to be put on the leadership ballot. Each position has 40 spots, the Scout then “volunteers” for the position to be on the ballot.

I had an election from January that a Scout volunteered. He was suppose to volunteer for the “August Sign Up”. TT let him volunteer for the January Sign Up even thought it has an “expiration” set in January. The Scout PLC creating the ballot from the list from the “August Sign Up” did not include the other Scout because his name wasn’t on this list.

One - this issue is on the Scout for not volunteering on the right place. Life lesson.
Two - it could be avoided if the Sign-Up was frozen like an RSVP deadline.

I don’t know how difficult it would be to copy a mechanism from RSVP to apply to a sign up.

Again - not begging - but willing to bribe.