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Is there a reason why the assignments are not listed on the dashboard? My families are having a hard time getting back to what they are assigned to do because it is not glaring at them :wink: Also, I just realized that even though I have add assignments checked, they are not showing up on the newsletters. Also, is there a way to link a sign up sheet with an event?

Hi @RachelFlaggard2,

It sounds like you may not have published your sign up sheet or something.

Here’s the dashboard:

And here’s the newsletter:

As for your final question, we have plans on linking events and sign up sheets but right now, no, they cannot be linked.

@mlsully2002 They have been published. They show up under the communicate tab, however they do not show up on our dashboard (i have verified that with others in our troop) and they have not shown up on the last two newsletters. What other issue could that be? Our newsletters do not preview either.

In “KS0412” I see no active sign up sheets. They’ve all expired and don’t show up on the dashboard or newsletter after that due on date.

Your newsletters do preview, it just takes a minute. You have “Show next 30 days” checked and when you have several events, it can take a couple minutes for it to load. It only took about a minute for yours to load in the preview for me.

@mlsully2002 thank you… I understand the issue now. The Due on Date I was understanding to be the date that they had to sign up by. I needed them to sign up well before the event took place. I assumed the signup sheet would expire after the event not on the due on date if that makes sense? So using the sign up sheets is great, but I don’t want people to wait till the event date to sign up, so how do we get around the expiring of the assignments before the event date?

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@mlsully2002 So looking more closely at the signup sheets, i see that the only date associated with them is the due on date. I think it would be more effective, to have the ability to mark the date of the event that you are signing up for, and having that date be what is used to expire the signup sheets, but use the due on date to close the ability to sign up while still allowing those that signed up to see it on their dashboard and newsletters. Am I using the signup sheets correctly or is this what you would use the RSVP on the events for? But, the RSVP’s do not show up as assignments right?

We are exploring several options for merging the sign up sheets and events features, but it is mid-level on the todo list so it may not happen in the next month or two. I’ll make a note to the developers about the assignments showing up after the due dates.

Some additional suggestions for the signup sheets:

  • A signup sheet should have the ability to set a due date separate from the event signup due date, or the event date. For example, you might need parents to RSVP and pay for a camping trip 45 days in advance, but you need the signups for bringing supplies 14 days before the camping trip.

  • There should be a privilege for maintaining signup sheets. If a parent signs up, I cannot remove them from the signup sheet, they have to do it. For popcorn sales, a parent will often text the day before a storefront sale and tell the leader that “Junior” is sick, so it would be helpful for the leader to remove the sick scout, call around for a replacement, and add the new scout to the signup sheet.

  • Tying the signup sheet to an event is helpful, but we need to be able to connect multiple signup sheets to the same event. For example, we sell popcorn in front of 4 different grocery stores on the same day. I should be able to create one calendar event for the popcorn sale. Then I create a signup sheet for Store A, a signup sheet for Store B, a signup sheet for Store C, and a signup sheet for Store D, all connected to the one calendar event.


How do you create assignments in the first place?

Hi @JenniferChildress, let me know if this is what you are looking for. Click here --> Sign Up Sheets

I actually figured it out that I wanted the checklist. :). But this is good as well! Thanks!