Support Question

Good evening,

On February 1, 2024 I submitted a question to TroopTrack Support at both their hello and their email addresses I have not heard a reply back.

Is there a more effective way to reach out to support when there is a question or problem with using the utility when you think reaching out to HQ is the best option?

Thank you

@Eric E-mailing is the appropriate avenue. They have been much more responsive lately as there is a part time support person now working for the company. That being said things can still fall through the cracks and get missed. I would suggest sending the message again. I will also bring it to their attention. What is the general description of the issue so I can let them know?

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for reaching out. I think you are right after a month of waiting it might have fallen through the cracks. I received a text from Dave who said the sign up list was a Unit Permissions issue and that it was resolved. I do not know what exactly that might mean but it seems to be working.

This is my first time with a sign up list. Now that I have a list of people I cannot seem to find the ability to send a message to everyone who specifically signed up on the list?

Also, I cannot seem to “unvolunteer” someone who put themselves down in error.