Member Invite to Troop Track

I have a parent who is not getting the invite to Troop Track. I have tried to resend them the invite through user accounts, and have also deleted his account and sent him another invite. Nothing seems to work.

His daughter was a member of Girl Scout Troop that used Troop Track. She has since left the troop and he asked them to delete his Troop Track account, but that has not helped either.

Any information on how to resolve would be greatly appreciated.

I also have one leader that no matter what they do not get direct communications, group communications, or event information. I have tried typing in their email by hand, copy and paste email address, and verified that the email address is correct via normal email methods. This person is with SBCGlobal.Net. I tested with others with a similar domain and had no problem. At this time I am planning on meeting with the person to test in person with them.

I have deleted this account 3 times and re-sent them a link to sign up for Troop Track each time. They have a google account. No one from TroopTrack has responded yet, so not sure what to do.

What is the best way to get this issue resolved when you are not getting a response. We are gearing up for the scout year and have a leader that can’t use our mode of communication with his den or the Pack.