TroopTrack Support - Transfer Request

Does anyone actually man the support or help desks for transfer requests and e-mails? I’ve been trying to help a family transfer from their former troop to ours Since August 1st. I’ve now sent 4 requests to TroopTrack support, and I’ve received no direction or feedback (and yes, I’ve used the protocols set forth in the support section of TroopTrack). I understand it’s a busy time of year and I’ve tried to be patient, but I have no answers for the family and no one to even direct them to in the TroopTrack Organization. Color me frustrated.

Tami Detwieler

This process was automated earlier this year. If a transfer request has been originated from the other Unit you as an admin with Manage Members privilege should see it under Manage - Members - Transfer Requests. It does require both Units to coordinate.

To answer your other question, yes someone is manning the support e-mail however he gets so many e-mails its hard to keep up. TT has recently added a new Support person and they are being trained and getting familiar with the system now. That should help with these kinds of issues as well.

Everything in TroopTrack Support says to submit a support request, which is what I’ve been doing. I’ve reached out to the parent and asked her to contact her previous troop to try and facilitate the request. If it’s not complete within the next week, I’ll just setup all new accounts for them and they’ll have to lose their history. Thank you.