Troop-defined default permission sets / profiles

Is there any way to have a set of permission profiles that can be customized and then easily applied to unit members. For example, I could have a default parent, scout, and committee member profiles that specify the common set of permissions that I wanted each group to have. Then when I add a new member, all I have to do is select the default permission profile and fine tune it if necessary


Hi @vanessen,

Not yet, but I’ve heard this request in like 3 different places over the last two weeks. If we could get all these requests in one place, it would be easier to put a number on this feature and get it in the queue.

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I have participated in several discussions about this very topic, such as this one:

This might be one of the most commonly discussed ideas for general improvements to TT.

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I would concur with this request by 110%. I have been using Troop Track for the past year, but did not have to work with the permission side of things till just now. I “assumed” we could create roles such as Den Leader that automactly allowed for tasks that should be defined as available to the den leader such as recording attendance of their den, seeing just their den, etc. After time researching I found there is not a generic permission set enabled per user role. I was dismayed as that is how I operate in other similar web applications such as Swim Team management, Event registration management, etc.

I think this should be a standard feature and not sure why it was not rolled out at the beginning. I appreciate the flexibity to enable leaders to wear extra hats in the organization, but let’s face it, adding standard permissions per role just simplifies our ability to use TT as a management tool for the pack/troop. There just needs to be the ability to add additional roles and then add additional ‘custom’ permission sets on top of standard role.



This is officially on the todo list now. Thanks!


In my opinion, this is the single greatest weakness in troop track. We have elections every six months. That means every 6 months I have to address, individually, the permissions of each scout leader. It is extremely time consuming.


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Here’s the one I created :slight_smile:

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I replied on Eoin’s thread, but I’ll comment here, too.

Roles should be independent of troop leadership positions. That may sound counter-intuitive, but in practice, I’ve got some ASMs who are still more comfortable with pen and paper and are computer-phobes. I give them the permissions they need, but given their history, I’d rather not give them the same permissions I give to every other ASM.

Then there is the committee member who is likely to be the next SM. I’d like to give them permissions appropriate to both, so I don’t want it tied to the leadership position (i.e., not automatically and exclusively).

And of course, someone (or more than one) needs to have admin privileges to go and manage more than their nominal position.

In short, TT roles are leadership positions are not really the same even though in many cases they’ll be close.

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I never meant to imply that Roles should be the exclusive way to provide permissions, but rather a template. In other words, the permissions are granted to individuals based on their role.

In your first example of ASMs, you would just revoke the permission you didn’t want them to have.

In your second & third example, you’d just grant them additional permissions manually.

Again these are all outliers and would be rare, so mainstreaming the TT roles against troop roles would help in so many more occasions. Then the one-offs would have to be manually manipulated against the individuals role…

However, I’m not a coder for TT so, we’ll have to wait to see how they go about it :slight_smile:


I agree that roles should be independent of leadership positions. Different ASMs or Committee Members may be in charge of different aspects of troop management and thus may need a different set of permissions.

Here is the idea I posted regarding permissions



It seems to me that there should be permissions groups, like security goups in the windows networking world. Each user can belong to any group. the groups should be troop defined. We chose trooptrack after evaluating several othe sites and this is how troopmaster web does it. it would make life much easier on that front.