Troop Track Support not responding RE: comcast email not forwarding

Anyone having trouble getting hold of Trooptrack Support ?
Is there a phone number for Troop Track Support ? Email and Contact Form isn’t working?
Anyone having problem with their comcast email not coming to them and know what to do to get email flowing through … been troop missing meeting, etc… ?

I tried repeated (3-4) times over past 2-3 weeks to send direct emails and contact us form to Troop Track Support but no response ??? Problem relates to communication from Trooptrack is not going through to my primary email address. I’ve change it to my other alternate address (gmail - not my primary address) and that worked. I’ve patiently awaited a response from trooptrack and crickets!!!

I’ve reached out to Comcast and they needed an IP address for to remove them from Black List … don’t even know if that’s the issue. The IP address changes when I’ve PING … I’m not a TECHIE and need help. Saw similar problem in forum Jan 2019 and didn’t see resolution.

Please help if you can… Thanks!

Unfortunately TT is down one staff member and this is their busiest time of year. They are very behind in responding to support requests. Have you double checked Manage - Communications - Settings - Communication Problems?