Comcast Email Issues

UPDATE: One of our users who reached out to Comcast directly received the following response:

“You need to call Comcast Security. They handle situations involving blocking and spam issues.” The phone number for Comcast Customer Security Assurance is 1-888-565-4329 and their hours are 6 AM to 2 PM EST, 7 days a week.

We have recently been informed by several users that as of about 1/4 (last Friday), all emails sent to emails are automatically being filtered to the spam/junk folders by Comcast. This seems to be happening across the board (or very close to it) and regardless of whether you have marked any emails from TroopTrack as spam or not.

If you have an email address with Comcast, it might be helpful to reach out to their Customer Service department and let them know of this and see what they can do to make sure that we are properly being allowed past whatever filters they have in place. In the short term, you can go to your spam folders and appropriately mark TT messages as not being spam.

Is there an update regarding this topic?
We have a Pack & Troop account with many Comcast subscribers!
Most have tried to mark email as safe but it still ends up in spam or not available.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a fix at this time, since this is all on Comcast’s end. Any user with a Comcast email address listed will either need to use an alternative email address or reach out to Comcast for assistance.

We have called the Comcast # and they have seemed to help so far.
Emails are now going thru.

I just got off the phone, opened a ticket. He is hoping he can resolve it but may have to speak with someone from the domain. Ticket # NA250003643. I’ll keep you posted