TroopMaster (AHG) Imports


Important Note

You can import most of your data directly from AHG in seconds! This will make importing the rest of your data much easier. The first step is importing your AHG data using AHG Connect. You can read how to use AHG Connect here. It is very important to import from AHG Connect before importing from TroopMaster. You will be able to start using TroopTrack right away while you wait for us to import the rest of your data.


Step 1: Open the export menu

In TroopMaster, from the menu, select File~Export~to AHG.  

The window below should pop up.

Note: If you do not have AHG ID's entered for each girl, you will need to enter a fake ID before exporting.

Step 2: Select the data to export

Select "Scout Advancement". Click Continue.  

Make note of the location the file was saved to.

Step 3: Rinse and Repeat

Repeat step 2 for "Badges".

Step 4: Open a TroopTrack help request

Log in to your TroopTrack account and click Support -> Get Help. Fill out the form, attaching the exported files, and click the save button. We can usually import AHG files from TroopMaster within a day.



We cannot import your service hours from TroopMaster automatically. Sorry!