Unable to clear the Remove Spam Report button

I have a scout who was unable to get any emails from TT. His account is flagged as having reported TT as a spammer, and I’m not able to get the flag removed even though he is receiving emails as of last night and then again this afternoon.

We changed his email address a couple of times, but none of our attempts were successful, until suddenly it worked. During the spasm, we used a working email (his brother), but that didn’t seem to work either. One change later, now it works. Go figure.

What I need now is to get the “Remove Spam Report” button cleared.

I originally sent this via email to support@trooptrack, but the email “was rejected due to spam classification”. Not sure how I resolve that? I definitely am not a spammer.

I’m not comfortable putting the email in a forum posting, but this might be enough info: The scout’s name is Mitchell Scofield, BSA Troop 189 in the National Capital Area Council.


I’m seeing the same issue for an adult member of my troop. @Keener-Trooptrack @jared-trooptrack-com @zach-trooptrack-com in case any of them are in a position to work on this.


If anyone has an issue like this in the future please email us or click on “support” and “contact us”. In order to fix this issue it requires email addresses and names which should not be given out on a public site.


David Keener