Unable to clear the Remove Spam Report button

I have a scout who was unable to get any emails from TT. His account is flagged as having reported TT as a spammer, and I’m not able to get the flag removed even though he is receiving emails as of last night and then again this afternoon.

We changed his email address a couple of times, but none of our attempts were successful, until suddenly it worked. During the spasm, we used a working email (his brother), but that didn’t seem to work either. One change later, now it works. Go figure.

What I need now is to get the “Remove Spam Report” button cleared.

I originally sent this via email to support@trooptrack, but the email “was rejected due to spam classification”. Not sure how I resolve that? I definitely am not a spammer.

I’m not comfortable putting the email in a forum posting, but this might be enough info: The scout’s name is Mitchell Scofield, BSA Troop 189 in the National Capital Area Council.