User Accounts


How to Get There

To manage a User Account, click on the "Manage" dropdown menu, select Members, then User Accounts as shown below.

What You Can Do

From the user accounts page, you can:

  • Review account information about everyone in your scouting unit such as user name, last login, and the number of times they've logged in.
  • Delete users (WARNING: This is permanent and cannot be reversed, so be careful! Consider deactivating them if you aren't sure deleting is the right thing to do).
  • Edit users
  • Send a password reset email
  • Register a member who doesn't currenly have a user name and password

The following picture highlights how each of these are done.

I’ve imported all of my scouts and adult leaders from ScoutNET, and am now in the process of updating the roster… deactivating scouts and parents who are no longer participating, moving scouts up into the proper dens, adding new scouts and parents, etc…

Once I’ve done all of this, how do I get the information to populate back into ScoutNET?


-Jon Belmont

One of our troop members (our Scoutmaster, as luck would have it) has stopped receiving any emails from TroopTrack. He has checked his junk mail folders, etc., but no messages are coming through. For now, as a workaround, we have changed his email address in TroopTrack to an alternate email account, but he would really prefer to receive TroopTrack messages in his primary personal email.

How can we debug this and determine why his messages aren’t coming through?

Have you checked the Communicate, Communication Problems page. I at one point had a user with an error in there for their e-mail account bouncing or something don’t remember the specifics.

Is there a way to remove account access without deleting or deactivating an account. One of our girls has mistakenly been granted an account and we don’t give girls (she’s kindergarten) accounts to access their accounts.

Yes, in their profile under Privileges select Edit, and Access Level, None, they won’t be able to log in any longer.