Username valid but not an active member

I have a scout parent with a username that he is able to log into the website but not do anything when logging in other than show his scout’s name in the upper right corner with only option being to Logout. Based on some initial troubleshooting, we were able to track down his actual account and get him logged into the system correctly. However, I don’t understand why there is a valid login for this user without an active (or deactived) account.
Invalid Username: Sutish
Valid Username: SutishArumugakannan
He uses the same password for both accounts and is able to log in with both accounts, but the Sutish account has no rights.

Can someone please investigate how this invalid account was created and how to remove it from access to the Troop website?

Does the Sutish account show up in your Deactivated Users list, if so you could delete the user account?

Unfortunately this forum is not monitored by TT staff. For support from TT you would need to send an e-mail to

No the Sutish user does NOT show in Deactivated Users. I will forward to Support.