View Only for Boy Scouts in Leadership positions

I haven’t seen anything on this yet so my apologies if it’s been requested already.

We have Boy Scouts in leadership positions that may need to view certain information for the boys in the troop. For example our scribe has to complete a section on each scout’s advancement form. This is an internal form we created. (We know there are BOR worksheets- but we want the scouts to do more than just print a form to actively engage them in the process.) The scribe would need to see participation and rank dates for scouts but not be able to edit them.

Is there a way to make a view only security option for troop level that can be given to only a few select boys like the scribe and SPL?

Hi @jjpeters,

If you give a scout a higher access level without granting them more privileges, they will have read-only access to whatever access level you give them.


Thank you! This is what I was looking for.