Web pages need more flexible heirarchy

As we are building Internet & Intranet sites, it would be very helpful to be able to reorganize pages easier. Currently, if we accidentally create a page under the wrong parent, we have to delete it and recreate it from scratch. Would like the ability to move pages across root nodes.

Hi @Rainbow,

We offer an easy reordering system, but we hide it a little.

Share > Latest Content

Thanks for sharing this! How can I move a page from the Public site to the Private site?

For that, it’s just going to be copy and paste. Trying to connect those might accidentally reveal confidential information to the public.

ok. thank you. Also, is there a way to designate page-level permissions? We’d like to be able to set view settings on some intranet pages to Leaders only so we can use them for planning purposes and not overwhelm the parents.

Are you talking about just web pages or all of TroopTrack?

The web pages within TT

We’ve got a privilege level that allows you to edit the pages, but that’s it. I can’t imagine a scenario where you would need to have privileges for different pages.

Tell me a little more about what you’re trying to do and I’ll see if I can help you find a solution.

Here is the main Use Case I am looking at. I can detail others if helpful and/or can provide some IXD flows if helpful.

We are a multi-level troop (4 GS levels) and have 6 leaders. We want to be able to use TT for collaborative planning (agendas, trip plans, budgets, etc.) but we don’t necessarily want these pages showing up on the Intranet for the Adults/Parents to view (not due to lack of transparency but more for these are works-in-progress and we don’t want to overwhelm/confuse parents.) If you look at my site, you’ll see we have “Year Plan” pages for each level. Ideally, these are for Leader Eyes Only as collaborative planning documents (that we used to do in Google Docs but are giving you guys a shot this year.) We don’t want parents or Girls to necessarily see these.

Would it be more helpful if we made the Share > Unit Documents more private (like leader-only documents)? I think that’s a little more feasible and a quicker develop than trying to create privileges for specific web pages.

I don’t think those will work as Unit Documents are static documents.
We’re using the web pages because they are more collaborative. We are
trying to replace the need for Google Docs and Google Sheets maintained by
multiple leaders.

Hmm… I’ll have to mull this over a bit so I can write up a proposal for the developers.

Thanks so much. Lmk if you need more use cases or interaction design flows (I did user experience design for 15 years)

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Pam Migliore

What’s in your products?

I have another scenario i need help with. I need to remove a level of hierarchy and bump all child pages up a level. How can I do that without copy & pasting them all?

Root Page

page A

child A.1
child A.2
child A.3
page B
page C

I want to delete “page A” and have “child A.1”, etc. nest under “root”

I can’t seem to do that from the reorder page. Any suggestions?

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove a parent page without deleting its child pages. Copying and pasting is the only solution, at least for now.