Where can I find Individual Badge Tracking Sheets

I was once able to find individual tracking sheets for the badges that I could download into a PDF. Now I have no idea where they are. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Hmmm… Not entirely sure which one you may have used in the past, but check under the Scout or Girl’s profile, you can press “Reports” and choose to print a detailed or summary report (first it will turn it into a PDF).

If that’s not it, let me know and we’ll try again.

That only gives me what she has already earned. I figured out that I got the one I have now when I was able to add a badge that she was working on into her profile. I no longer have permission to do that because our troop only lets the unit leaders and record keepers have that permission. However, I would think that I could pull up the forms for the other badges so that I can keep track of what she has worked on.

I would like to attach the file that I have but I don’t see anywhere to do that


To attach a file, just drag and drop into the text editor.

It won’t let me do it. It is a PDF file. It says it has to be a picture format.


Will you please upload it to your troop documents and tell me when it is there? That might be the best solution for a PDF unless you want to just take screenshots of it and post those.

I have put it there. It is titled “Example of Badge Tracking sheet”. Let me know what you can come up with.


Got it! Thanks!

Ok, go to a girl’s profile, press the “Achievements” tab, and press the little printer button next to any achievement to see the report from that PDF.

Let me know if that works.


Unfortunately that doesn’t help me because I can’t add achievements to my daughter’s profile. That’s okay. I appreciate your help.



You will still be able to see that report (I checked on your account). To be able to add or edit achievements, someone in your Troop Leadership will need to give you that privilege in the system.