Why is TT contacting Facebook during login?

Logging in to TT has slowed a lot recently (April 2021). During these long delays, I couldn’t help but notice that my browser status bar at lower left says it is trying to contact FaceBook (FB). Not sure if FB is the slowdown. Not sure why TT needs to contact FB at all during login, because I have never made any connection between my TT account and my FB account (intentionally). What is TT doing that involves FB, and where on the site is TT disclosing to users what it is doing with FB?

@Keener-Trooptrack I was also curious about this. Safari notified me that it blocked trackers from TT to FB. I got the notification today. Is this a possible setting in our browsers? I don’t even have FB on my computer and have never logged into it on this computer. But since it was something Safari blocked, I didn’t think it would be a browser issue. Just curious what is causing it, if it’s something on my end, I’m glad it’s being blocked, but was more curious what the root cause is.

Hi y’all,

I was mistaken. TroopTrack uses Facebook Pixels to track those who click the FB add links and end up signing up for TroopTrack. What I mean by track is simply count how many people have clicked those adds and then signed up for TroopTrack. This lets us know if our ads for TroopTrack are effective or not.

This is the only data that is being shared though, and no other information is being shared from TroopTrack to Facebook.


David Keener