Yearly Service Badge

Hi all!
Scouts Australia question…

We have a yearly service badge. For each year you are in a section you receive a badge with the number of years you have been in that respective section (1, 2, 3).

Is there a way to track this in TT?


Is this all Scouts Australia or just something your group does?

If it’s something everyone uses and you can give me some sort of documentation, I’ll make it an official part of the system.

If it’s just something for you guys, I would first check out the custom awards feature under Manage > Settings > Custom Awards.

This is throughout all of Scouts Australia.

I’m having trouble finding the documentation online.
Essentially the badge is 1 year from the commencement date. If still in the same section after 1 year, you receive a badge (1) then for every year you continue in that section you receive more (2 or 3 respectively). Each new badge (1, 2 or 3) replaces the previously earned. Once you are linked up to an older age section this starts badge starts over in a new colour to match the section colour. The highest badge earned in the younger age section can be worn on the new section uniform to indicate years of service in other sections.

Hopefully that makes sense.

I’m afraid I’m going to need something a little more documentationy to add this. It’s going to be a pain if we enter it incorrectly and then have to change it when someone brings up a better way of handling it later.

This sounds a little bit like BSA service stars? Here’s the best URL I’ve found to explain: . Our troop only does the adult registered volunteer version, which means I do need to keep track of years of service prior to joining the troop (and then add years of service in the troop) to calculate what number pin to purchase.

Fantastic. Thanks Matt.

How do we add these new badges to a youth member?

They do not show in the list of awards when recording achievements. Yes, they are checked as active from settings.

Oops. I didn’t to make them available to youth. You should be all set now.

While I do see:
Youth Service Star
* 1-year service star
* 10-year service star
etc in
Achieve -> Record Individual Progress

I don’t see how to determine years of service. In TroopMaster you could report based on the Joined on Date. Is that possible?

Under Manage, Reports, Create Users Report, there is a checkbox for “Joined troop on” however this is only as good as the data entry, that is a field that must have information added manually so if no-one was inputting that information then your report will not be accurate.
I just checked ScoutBook and you can get their joined date by doing an Export/Backup if you have access to everyone in the Unit.