Youth Leadership reports

Is there a way to customize a report to download Youth Leadership: Name, Position, Date Started, Date Ended? My Council just informed me that National is now requiring positions of responsibility be updated in Scoutbook/I.A. 2.0 for Eagle Scout Rank verification, much like we do for advancements. It’s probably too much to ask to add PORs to an I.A. 2.0 upload, but I would be happy with being able to download a report and manually update Scoutbook/I.A. 2.0 to catch everyone up. I don’t see a way to create that report from the Troop Leadership page.

Quick Nav → Reports → New Custom Report → Create Youth Leadership Report

This will give you exactly what you are looking for.

If BSA adds Youth Leadership roles to the IA 2.0 upload I am sure TT will implement it however at this time the only uploads allowed for IA 2.0 are Ranks, Awards, and Merit Badges.

Thanks Aaron - now I feel stupid. EmojiI looked at reports under the Manage tab. I forgot about the reports under Quick Nav. Just getting old.

David Thompson

Well don’t feel old the custom reports used to be under Manage Reports but were removed at some point, now the only way to get to them is from Quick Nav.