Abigail Adams award showed as complete mistakenly

This is unexpected behavior: for a girl who is still a Pioneer, an Abigail Adams/Patriot level award just showed up as 100% done after I marked the PiPa Meteogology badge as completed (at the Pioneer level!).

At first, when I saw the level award on the shopping list, I thought our Advancement Coordinator must have somehow made a huge mistake when inputting year-end awards recently. But when I clicked on the award to see the details, the only thing that was marked off was the Meteorology badge.

Very strange…

It just did it again. Different girl. I entered the Art History badge requirements for her. Then Abigail Adams award showed up as having been completed on that same day that I entered for Art History. But this time, the Art History badge was NOT marked in the AA award; nothing was, other than the completed date.

I have had this same issue over the last few weeks for our Troop’s Pioneer girls when I have entered in various badges as complete. I have had to go in and delete the Patriot level award numerous times so it would drop off the shopping list.

HI y’all,

Our tech team is aware of this issue and is working on a fix for it.


David Keener