Add Scout Availability to Profile Linked to Calendar

In our troop our girls are in multiple sports and other activities, which can make scheduling meetings or events challenging. It would be great if the Household and Profile editors could add in scout availability or unavailability. For instance:

Monday - after 5:00pm
Tuesday - after 5:00pm
Wednesday - after 6:00pm

If it were structured in a calendar way (think Scheduling Assistant in Outlook) so that someone (a Leader) scheduling a meeting or event could see when people are regularly available or unavailable, that would be even more useful.

I imagine they might be able to add a recurring event to their own calendars, but, especially with Google integration, that can get messy for them to view both in Troop Track and on their Google calendars. So just having it as a scheduling assistant view and not on the calendar directly would be great. Then one-off conflicts could be added to the calendar if they wanted.

Interesting idea, generally ideas are posted here to the Community and if they have good feedback from many in the community it may be added to the developers list of items to create. In my experience with TT even for things that did get implemented it may have been a year or better since they were posted as ideas. It of course depends on how much work a particular item is to implement. I would look for different solutions in the mean time to accomplish what you are looking for outside of TT.

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