Adding a feature to track multiples of the same item in Equipment Manager

I’d love a feature that would allow me to add multiple of the same item. For example we have 10 whistles and 3 drink coolers. Could a way to note that we have 3 coolers and they are checked out to different units or people be added instead of me entering them 3 “different” coolers?

Our troop has multiple of several items that we routinely check out for camping. Instead of checking out 10 different whistles, being able to check out 2 to one unit/person at a time would be much easier.


Currently our workaround for this is just including the number of items in the title of the item in the equipment/library lists, but obviously that’s not super effective. We add any details about each item in the notes section, but checking items in and out makes it look like all five of an item are checked out when really it’s just one.

I’d love to see this feature as well!

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I’d like the same, but would like the ability to keep inventory of badges, etc. that are already in the system by means of a drop down box.