Easier way to select AHG badges when Recording Progress (Bulk)?


I am entering data for badgework that a group of girls completed at an AHG meeting. I went to Achieve> Record Progress (Bulk), selected the names of the girls, and entered the date.

When I go to choose the badge we worked on, it is a really long list! To find the badge, I need to remember which Frontier it belongs in (not obvious for some badges - for me!).

It would be easier (for me) if they are just listed by badge name, alphabetically (for example, Cake Decorating followed by Camping), then I can just hit “C” until I get to the list of badges that start with C and go from there. When I am entering achievements, I am not concerned about which Frontier they are in.



Sad that this still isn’t being looked at. Even worse for the AHG badges is that the activity patches and religious awards show up before you finally get down to the Science badges. A simple “order by a third column” type option to order by Badges, then Level Awards, then Religious Awards, then Activity Patches would be really helpful. At least for us, the main thing we look for is badgework for recording progress. After that, it’s likely level awards (a short list) or Religious awards (a really long list with the number of Catholic awards). Activity patches are almost always one-offs.