AHG Stars and Stripes Award: Requirement Field Labels

I have a few suggestions on updating the text associated with the AHG Stars and Stripes Award record. It would make it easier to see what badge frontiers are specifically satisfied.

requirement 1. Earn the Patriot Level Award
(note: Most girls from here on out will have the Abigail Adams Award but do not want to confuse the field for those who previously earned the Dolley Madison Award.)

requirement 2. Update the fields for the badges selected by the girl to reflect the required Badge Frontier, such as…

  • Girl’s Choice 1: → Arts 1:
  • Girl’s Choice 2: → Arts 2:
  • Girl’s Choice 3 → Personal Well Being:
  • Girl’s Choice 4: → Science and Technology 1:
  • Girl’s Choice 5: → Science and Technology 2:
  • Girl’s Choice 6: → Choice 1:
  • Girl’s Choice 7: → Choice 2: