Show or have a report for Bouncing e-mail

It would be great if there was a report or listing of e-mail addresses that have bounced when attempting to send e-mail messages to users.


I agree. We have parents who claim they didn’t receive TT email messages, and the only record we have is the confirmation email.

It would be great to know immediately that a family didn’t receive a message.


Same here, I just sent a mass message from my personal email client in an attempt to work around another email problem we are having and had one bounce back, I had no idea the address was incorrect.

This would be SOOOOOO helpful! I have no idea if I accidentally fat-fingered a parent’s email address when entering it, or if there is a problem with the message. Right now, all I get is blank stares when I talk to parents. Knowing what’s going on when sending messages would let me know which parents really aren’t receiving emails.

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This is crippling communication within our new troop. ULs are working hard to keep parents in the loop, and parents are frustrated that they aren’t getting anything from the ULs.

Can’t tell where the problem lies.

Having the same problem.

One thing we found that improved the situation a little was the check box to notify parents for all scout notifications. We found that Scouts had either put their own email addresses (older scouts) or that Dad’s email was used as the scout address (younger scouts). This left Mom (the family scheduler) in the dark.

I just saw the announcement today that this was added. Thank You, Thank You. This is awesome.