Blogs for Scouts to use

Can you please add Blogs? It would be great for the scouts to be able to write about what they have been doing. Patrols would be able to have their own blogs - it would be a great way for them to communicate amongst themselves.

This would enable the website to become more dynamic rather than being static.



Our troop is trying to do a mock blog using a webpage. The Historian is supposed to give the info to the webmaster and the webmaster is supposed to enter it.

That is one way to do it but it would be much easier if a blog module was added so that the scouts can do it all themselves and it wouldn’t require any input from me! I can’t see that adding a blog would be too difficult - there must be plenty of modules available.


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+1 Our Troop really needs a private blog…

Could TroopTrack have a separate Discourse blog for each troop, like the one that runs this community??



Any updates on this? We moved from a WordPress blog site to TroopTrack. One thing we miss is the dynamic content and historical nature of a blog. We still go back to our old blog to get articles because a lot of content repeats year after year with events. But we will not be renewing our old site (because we are now paying for TT) so we will lose that history. I’m currently copying and pasting into Intranet pages on TT.

It would be really great to have a blog feature where leaders, parent volunteers and scouts can post articles that get pushed out in an email notification AND are stored on an internal page for later reference.