Cub Scout Mixed advancements how do I reconcile?

I took over my sons den middle of the year, after the announcement of the program changes. Some of the boys have completed their requirements under the old program and some completed under the new program. However the sum is that they have completed all the requirements. However TT only shows them being partially complete. How do I reconcille this? Also how do I show they recharged their cyberchip and did their youth protection pamphlet?

Hi @cccmikelee,

To reconcile them, please edit the 2016 badge and enter the dates completed requirements for both the old and new programs.

Cyberchip requirements are also in the badges at the very bottom.

I’m sorry this doesn’t make sense. Can you please tell me step by step how to get to this. I’ve attached a screen cap of what I’m looking at when I look at one of my scouts.This is the 4th scout advancement tracking program I’ve used int he past 3 years. Can you please treat me like a 68 year old grandma, who agreed to lead her grandson’s den and has no idea what UI/UX or how to pathfind through an app.

and because I"m a new user I can only post one image here is the other half of the screen shot.

It’s a little more confusing now than it normally is. We’re doing some work right now to improve the functionality of these awards (these new requirements kind of came out of nowhere and it’s taking us some time to create a way to reconcile the old and new ones in an easy way).

First go to Start Achievement:

Find the 2016 badge (Ctrl or Cmd + f works well) and then check it and press save:

Find the badge on the list and press edit:

Next you just find the completed adventures on your screen and fill in the completed on date in the badge and you’re done: