Deactivated members

I want to make sure I understand this feature: person is still in database but will not be included in any email categories, print off list , etc.

That’s not my experience. I just setup a troop meeting in the calendar, selected everyone to attend and it invited deactivated users and sent them an email.

Actually, I’ll amend my statement. I only invited deactivated users who were a youth member or actual leader it looks like. I have other deactivated members that it did not invite. It seems very random.

It appears that deactivated users are receiving invitations in our Pack. This caused major confusion today. I have a Den Leader who quit the Pack, and I therefore ‘deactivated’ his account. I then setup a Den Meeting and sent an email saying I (as Cubmaster) will fill in until a new Den Leader was found. Evidently the invitation was sent to the old Den Leader. Today at the last hour, he logged in and sent an email to the Den saying he cancelled the meeting, so I had families not show up! SUPER frustrating!

I apologize for not seeing this sooner and I’m sorry this happened to you. In scenarios like this, I would suggest deleting the person’s account. Removing their email addresses would also work, and you can always reach out to me and I can specifically add it to the unsubscribe list. It is also a good idea to remove privileges from a leader who has been deactivated, since they can reactivate their accounts and do something like the above if they still have the privileges to do so.

In the meantime, I will have our developer look into the issue and see if we can figure out why emails are going to people who have been deactivated, since this shouldn’t be happening.