Event plans/agenda/program for leaders eyes only

I’d like to see a leader only part of an event to share plans/agenda/program. This could be as another text field or attachment.


Hi @Keneu,

Thank you for the idea! Let’s hear what the community has to say about it.

Definitely. There are times we do a LOT of work behind the scenes to get leader/parent info before we can put the event on the calendar officially. It would be nice to have a way to do that on the event itself that has access to those specific adults invited to participate in the planning. Sometimes we don’t want all the girls to know what will happen at an event, we want to surprise them, if we could give fun details about it and then plan behind the scenes, that would be AWESOME!


What a wonderful idea! It would save our troops a ton of back and forth emails by being able to post leader only details in a separate field for their eyes only.

Step on over to my Idea and Like it. Then we could control access to documents on TroopTrack, and then only those users who had access would be able to view your attachments.

For example, you include a link in your agenda to “click here for full details” and the document you link to in TroopTrack is only available to the Leaders group. Boom.

Whaddaya think?