Dues payment

Is there a report or way to show the treasurer who has paid their dues on line and who has not?


Great question!

I’m not aware of thing like what you are suggesting.

I am planning to have the treasurer do a bulk transaction on a monthly basis to pay for dues.



If there is not report. Is it possible to just set up a event and make the event Pay dues and track who pays that way?

@randolph.terrell sure,

That’s another idea :smile:


Hey @sgaines and @randolph.terrell,

If you use an event, you can track it through the event via RSVPs.

You can also, as @sgaines pointed out, create a bulk transaction and just print the detailed or summary CSV or PDF with those details from Manage > Money > All Money Accounts.


We created a Custom Achievement called “Dues Paid 2016”. That works pretty well, except that you have to start the achievement for each Scout in order for it to show up as complete or incomplete. You can do this in bulk at first. Otherwise, you have to do for each individual Scout.