Duplicate Entries when importing from AHG connect?

When importing from AHG Connect to Troop Track, duplicate entries are created. I am afraid some achievements won’t update properly…

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Hi @Debbie,

Did you originally import from AHG Connect? If so, it should just update. If you created the girls individually before importing, this could cause errors. If you changed any names at all, it may also create duplicates.

Your best bet is to delete or deactivate the ones that won’t update and keep the ones that were imported from AHG Connect.

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Hi Matt,

I think I imported the data originally, but thank you for your response. Also, I have tried to click reply, to reply to your post in Troop Track and the editor does not open. I thought I had the proper user level to be able to respond to posts, but what am I missing ? I have been able to post a new topic, but only by going into my badges …Thank you .


Hi @Debbie,

I’m not sure what you are referring to. Are you talking about this topic in the Community? You should be able to reply without issue.


I am replying via my e-mail . I cannot reply through Troop Track User Community. Here is a screen shot of the various reply buttons. Nothing happens when I click on them. Unfortunately, there is no where that opens on the screen that allows me to type a reply. So I have also tried to reply to other posts, but I cannot in the user community. Would my computer need Microsoft outlook, or some other editor type program to use that feature.
******I have opened Troop Track in Microsoft Edge, downloaded Microsoft html editor, and I can now reply to posts in the Troop Track User Community. Maybe Google Chrome was the problem?

This is a very unusual problem. We all use Google Chrome and advice others to use it as well. It may be an issue with the device and how it interacts with the community. See if you have the same issues on a desktop.


Hi Matt,

It may just be my machine is a few years old now (hp laptop with windows 10 no touch screen)…but I will try again with Chrome and see what happens. Thanks for the info.

I’ve had this problem in previous years and now it just happened again.

I just “integrated” with AHG a few minutes ago. Some families who are re-registering with our Troop for the upcoming year are showing up twice on TT now. I can see that one girl’s Mom changed her daughter’s first name to her abbreviated nickname, so that answers that I’m sure. Not sure why the other families are duplicating, though. Is there a way to just merge the two? I’m afraid since registration isn’t complete yet, anything I do now might just have to be done again in a few weeks when they go to pay on AHG connect.

Please advise. Also, how do I tell which one is the duplicate account? They both look the same (with the exception of the one where the Mom changed the girl’s name).