Enhancements for Activities section

Our Troop on most activities, has more than 1 fee, for example there may be an activity fee plus a grub fee, while other camp outs may have an additional fee for a special optional activity. It would be nice if we could setup slots for multiple fees for various things and let the scout pick which fees apply.

We also have the need for more than 1 attachment for the activities. A recent camp-out had several forms that needed to be filled out by the scouts and we had to handle it manually.


Great idea @pcdevine ,

I like the idea. Summer camp is a perfect example. Price for camp, merit badge fees, price for photo/DVD, etc.

The way we get around this is to create another event for the events with multiple fees. It’s a pain, because people have to RSVP all over again.



Yes please, multiple lines for prices would be very helpful.