FIXED: Moving Adult Members to Unassigned Unit

I am not able to click and drag the adult members from an assigned unit to the unassigned unit like I did with the old version. How do you move them with this new version? The Promote option appears to be useful between Units only.
Thank you.

On the individuals Profile under the Registration Info select Edit. Under the Unit Drop Down at the top you should have Unassigned, select and Save.

Thank you! I use to be able to drag and drop but that feature did not work for me

Yes, I tried as well and was able to drop a person but upon going back to Manage the member moved back to the original Unit. Thankfully there is more than one way to accomplish this.

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Fixed! Just went live.

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I am still not able to figure out how assign leaders to units. Help?

Hi @LieselotteDuran-Gonz,

If you click on “manage” and “units” then you can view all your units. You can click and drag a member to a unit, or click on “promote” beside the unit and move them to the unit you choose that way.


David Keener