How to assign a unit leader to a particular unit?

My Tenderheart Unit Leader cannot access her unit members’ profiles to do a bulk award in achievement. She asked for help and was told that she is unassigned and should be assigned to a particular unit. But when I look at the leadership drop-down list, I only see Unit Leader, not any specific unit. Where else should i go to assign the unit?


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If Unit is the same as Den in Cubs then, Go into her Profile, Registration Info (Edit), Unit should be the top left drop down, select the correct Unit. The Adult needs to be assigned into the Unit as well as have Unit Access Level Privilege, and whatever other specific Privileges she needs.

How do you take them out of a unit? I have 2 leaders who aren’t volunteering this year & I can’t get them out of the unit list.

When in that same Profile, Registration Info (Edit), Unit the drop down should have a blank at the top of the list. That would put them into the system generated “UNASSIGNED” Unit.

Hi Aaron,

Thank you for the suggestion. It unfortunately didn’t work. What I ended up doing was moving them all to a “Former Leaders” unit & then deleting that unit. Once the unit was deleted, it moved them to the Unassigned group.

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Glad you found a workaround. Perhaps there is slightly different functionality for AHG groups than BSA groups.
For any others finding this thread the option of using a “Former Leaders” (or whatever you want to call it) unit works as well, then from the Manage Unit (Den or Patrol for BSA) page you can drag and drop the leader from their currently assigned Unit to the “Former Leaders” unit.