FIXED: Newsletter was not sent out

Hi @dave,

Our newsletter was scheduled to be sent out yesterday (last day of the month), but I don’t think it was sent out (I didn’t receive it, and neither did my TC). I just manually sent it out, and I received it.

In case you want to look into it. Thanks!

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I didn’t even think about it but ours is set to go out on the 1st and hasn’t yet.

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Well, I had been scrambling last week to update the announcements before the newsletter went out, so it was on my radar… :slight_smile:

My calendar reminders have not gone out either since May 31?

@dave, @Tyler, I am seeing the same thing, event reminders did not go out. Newsletter did not go out. I have disabled the Dynamic meeting invitations setting to see if that makes any difference.

Hi Everyone,

We just took a look and there has been an issue over the last handful of days involving all scheduled emails. They seem to be throwing errors. All other emails that are instantly sent are still delivering.

We are going to fix this as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience. I will keep this thread updated with anything new.


This is now fixed. Thanks for reporting this problem!


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