NEED INFO: Email attendees from calendar event

We are getting this issue when emailing from the calendar. The message was typed directly into the WYSIWYG editor with no formatting, sending to RSVP:coming.

Jennifer Skiles

@dave this seems exactly like the issue i am having.

@sct @admin_0633 What browsers are you both using? I’m not having this problem in chrome.



i’m using chome on a mac…

are you trying to send to those who are RSVPed yes?
i forgot to put that in my initial description of the issue.

I’m having the issue in Firefox/Windows. I’m not sure what my TC is using, but she had the same issue.

I tested in Safari and Chrome on Mac as well as Firefox in Windows and cannot re-produce the issue in my unit. Perhaps something with that Specific Event? What text was in the message? @dave at what point does the system bundle the original Event info into the new outgoing message perhaps there is something in the original event info that is causing this problem and because it is adding that to the outgoing message it errors?

The only thing we add to the content is a link to the event, and that happens much later than the point this problem is happening.

Sorry I’m just getting back to this. Dolley Madison project had priority. :slight_smile: I used the email attendees function this weekend and it worked, so I’m calling it “a temporary glitch.” Thank you!

I’m still having issues.
I sent an email to support with a recording of the issue.
Please take a look. It is quite frustrating needing to manually send out emails to invitees when trying to urgently communicate to the attendees to the an event.

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@sct Thanks for the video. This is really frustrating to us too - we’re trying to figure it out. I’m going to add some code that will help us understand why it’s happening tonight.