Hide Certain Pages from Showing in the Table of Contents/Menu

I would love to have the ability to hide certain pages from showing in my TOC (Table of Contents/Menu) on the left side of the screen. (NOTE: How to completely HIDE the TOC and change it to a Drop Down List is at the bottom of this topic.)

  • Ideally, I would like to have a checkbox next to each page on both Rearrange Pages for my Public and Private website. Then I can check the pages I want shown in TOC.

  • This will help with my naming scheme for webpages. I tend to abbreviate A LOT so it looks OK in the menu. IE: ESP Proposal instead of Eagle Service Project Proposal which is confusing, but makes my TOC easier to read.

  • This will also help with the sheer size of my TOC. There are sections that are so complicated (read: STEPS TO GET EAGLE) that they need many, many pages. This has now overwhelmed my TOC and quite possibly all of my LIFE scouts!

  • A subsequent problem that could arise with this change, would be pages that do not have any links/trackbacks to access them from other pages on the website. Then how do webmasters get back to that page to fix it? This can easily be resolved through the Rearrange Pages as well. Just make each webpage name a Link to that webpage, and (show a count after each page showing how many trackbacks go to this webpage. If it is zero, make it red) OK that last one is not necessary but would be very helpful.

NOTE: I have already tried the workaround option: HIDE the TOC and change it to be a drop down listBut… my troop wants to see the list on the left. That drop down list is so tiny, no one would ever find the dang thing!! And even in that drop down list, every page is still there, just in a different, confusing order.

  • HOW TO HIDE THE TOC AND CHANGE IT TO A DROP DOWN LIST: Manage|Settings|Edit Troop Settings. Select the last tab (webmaster tools), and then de-select the checkbox that says “Check this box if you want your public and private pages to use a side menu instead of a top menu”.

I would love to have this option. We have a page for our annual popcorn sale, and now that it’s over the page doesn’t need to be there staring at parents. I move it to the bottom of the list, but it’s still there. Same with a page we create for recharter. Hiding these pages when not needed would avoid potential confusion.